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at a loss [Dec. 20th, 2009|02:54 pm]
Hello group, I'm not sure this is the right place for me, but I was wondering if anyone could help shed some light. 

I have never been formally diagnosed with anything, but have gone through some periods of depression starting from middle school. I know I was depressed at certain times in my life because I would sleep all day or just stay in bed, cry often, cut occassionally and had no energy. But those periods were very brief. In a way I prefer those periods because it was more clear to me that something was wrong and I was certain of my own sadness. I rarely feel like that anymore.

In general, I am not sure what I feel other than "bored" and "tired" much of the time, with little motivation. I have energy in bursts when I get excited about something. There seem to be shallow ups and downs. I always bounce back with some new "life plan" to invigorate me, but it is short lived. I know I am lucky to be so resilient, but sometimes I wish I would just give up.

I can be very outgoing with certain people, especially in relationships - I love being in relationships. I seem to find identity in the people I am with, otherwise I feel very lost, disconnected, and extremely indecisive. I am very shy in "organized" settings, i.e. work or school settings. Things always start out ok, but after several months when people should reach the point of knowing me or joking around, I get very uncomfortable. I've been at my current job for 2 years and am the quietist person in the office. I will go all day sometimes saying one or two words. Small talk is most awkward. I can tell people feel uncomfortable talking to me. The setting reminds me of high school. I have friends, but no one I see regularly. I prefer to meet random people when I am bored as it is more exciting and anonymous.

When I am with my boyfriend, however, I am completely different - full of energy and life. Our relationship is remarkably stable and healthy. When I feel good it's as if I have always felt good and don't remember ever being sad. When I am numb it's as if I have always been numb. I feel as if I have no realistic perspective. My boyfriend just moved however, and after just a few days I am already back to the numbness/apathy/fatigue.

I am 27 and living with my mother and brother. It nothing near an ideal environment as my mother and I butt heads. But I am afraid of moving out because I hate feeling "stuck" having to work to pay rent and bills. Life starts to feel pointless very quick. It is very hard to deal with the disappointment of where I am at 27 when I had such high hopes for myself. I thought by now I would be a biologist or in grad school. But as I get older it seems more difficult to become anything remotely successful.

Part of me wants to take off somewhere...go on a bus and stay at hostels or go do WWOOF in another country...something to awaken me. But I don't want to come back with nothing and be stuck all over again. Part of me hopes I get depressed again and will come out of it feeling wild and will finally do something crazy to force my eyes open.

I have a great shrink who prescribed me short acting Ritalin as a sort of experiment as my friend seems convinced I have ADD. It helps a lot at work but is short acting and when I'm not on Ritalin it is hard to adjust to the marked change in mood. He suggested we try Wellbutrin instead as it is an antidepressant with Ritalin-like affects.

Anyway...I am not even sure anything is wrong. I just feel a little bored. Nothing is really wrong in my life. I feel like I could be making the whole thing up. This sounds bad but I often wish there was something really wrong...that I had been raped or attempted suicide or something. How awful is that. I know I will come out of this and find something engaging to latch onto. But then I feel like I don't even know who I am or what my personality is. I often feel very juvenile and when I am comfortable I act like a little kid. Is that who I am or do I just want attention? I don't know. Blah.

Anyway I'm not sure what I'm looking for...I guess if anyone can identify or shed some light it would be appreciated...thanks so much for reading. :)  


[User Picture]From: passionrlsusall
2012-04-30 11:10 pm (UTC)
Sorry I never replied to this..I've kept it in my inbox to do so in the future.

Yeah, I really don't get them not having a grasp on how their counselors operate, and after trying 2 I'm not sure if I should just keep on trying different ones or need to give them more of a chance or what.

I did not like cognitive-behavioral therapy when the free school counselor was trying it with me. I just wanted to rebel against it, focus in deeper on my past and who I am, not try to force my thoughts to go away without dealing with them. Part of it is probably that she was still in training, new at it, made it obvious that she was pulling stuff right from a book to try.

Then this second one though..we just talked. Talked and talked, and then the session was over and I never ended up bringing up things I wanted/needed to talk about..like going to a medical doctor/psychiatrist also, relationship stuff, etc. I felt she was helpful after my first session- I could immediately tell how much more experienced she was than the first one. But my second one was a rehash of the first session..very similar, I felt like nothing new was accomplished, and when I said I had a question I wanted to ask her at the end, she said we were already overtime and she wanted to eat lunch. We were overtime b/c her previous session had run over though, though granted the sessions did feel (and were) much longer than with the first girl. But it's been hard to find an appt. slot with her, and I got this impression that she's doesn't so much care whether her patients return or not. I don't know, I'm probably just being the way with therapists that I am with dating prospects- dismissal if not immediately perfect.

How is it working out focusing your attention on school? Grad school is..not going well for me. I'm about to drop out.
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